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I helped authors Dr. Peter Singer and Dr. Abdallah Daar to write their inspiring book, The Grandest Challenge, published by Doubleday Canada in September 2011. It is, the publisher says, “the health-sciences equivalent of Thomas Friedman's bestseller The World is Flat,” and it shows “how advances in global health will transform lives -- particularly in the developing world -- over the next decade.”
—The Grandest Challenge, September 2011

"The Grandest Challenge is not only enlightening, solution orientated and deeply personal but it also encourages the reader to challenge the existing norm and encourages us to ask ourselves pivotal questions."
—The Independent (UK)


I am an award winning journalist who helps leading thinkers in business and universities write books and articles. I’ve just finished helping two leading scientists write a groundbreaking book on what it takes to improve health in the developing world. This year I also I worked on several chapters of Macrowikinomics, the sequel to the business bestseller by Internet guru Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams. In 2008, I helped Tapscott write Grown Up Digital, which has received glowing reviews from the New York Times, The Economist, and other leading papers. The way I collaborate with authors varies widely, but my core business is helping leading thinkers clarify their ideas and their writing so that they can present a compelling case in writing, in the form of a book or an article on any platform.

As a former political reporter from Montreal, I also write magazine articles on a wide variety of topics for Canadian publications such as Report on Business Magazine, Toronto Life, Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Canadian Geographic, explore and Azure. I have won two silver medals at the National Magazine Awards, plus eight honorary mentions for a wide range of stories, from a post-mortem on the nuclear renovation disaster at Ontario Power Generation to a counter-intuitive essay on cloning. Most recently, I have written on the brain’s ability to change and respond to environmental influences, the impact of architecture on human health, the Revenge of the C+ Student, and the battle between the Ontario government and pharmacies over the pricing of generic drugs.