Sarah Scottt
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Art and Design   Mr. Concept, Canadian Art, Spring 2012
Iain Baxter& is rediscovered and rediscovered and...

Queen of Green, Canadian Geographic, 2007
Inspired as a girl to make the world a little more environmentally friendly, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander has taken her cue from nature to become Canada's premier landscape architect and green-roof champion.

Taking the landfill out of the loop, Azure, 2006
Manufacturers are now thinking about the entire life cycle of their products and finding ways to make them less harmful to you and the earth.

Let there be light, Azure, 2006
The prescription for a building that makes us feel good, learn more, work harder and heal faster begins with the basics: natural light, fresh air and a view of the outdoors.

The architecture of sound, Azure, 2005
It starts with deep silence.