Sarah Scottt
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General   Face of Fiction, Canada's History, June-July 2012
What did Tecumseh, the Shawnee hero of the War of 1812, really look like? No one knows for sure.

Ontario vs. The Pharmacists, Maclean's, 2010
How one courageous bureaucrat shook up the pharmacy business – and had to live with a police detail plus a panic button under her desk

Whose Island is it Anyway?, Cottage Life, 2009
When the development demon comes calling, is the only good cottager the one who’s already there?
* Silver Award, International Regional Magazine Association, 2010

Do grades really matter?, Maclean's, 2007
A growing body of evidence suggests grades don't predict success -- C+ students are the ones who end up running the world.

The House Snatchers, Chatelaine Magazine, 2007
Susan Lawrence was shocked to discover that a fraudster had stolen the title to her house. Then the 55-year-old widow fought back.

Reverend Ellie, Homemaker’s, 2007
A CEO falls from grace and recovers. Now she’s an Anglican minister.

Troubled waters ahead, explore, 2006
New Brunswick’s southwest shore is the perfect place for a classic Maritime paddle. At least until the tankers arrive.

Wearing a Brave Face, Chatelaine, 2004
When Sharon Bye-Ballard’s husband was thrown in a Saudi jail and tortured for a crime he didn’t commit, she thought she’d never see him again. This is the story of how she summoned up the strength to get her husband home.

Simplicity Regained, Reader’s Digest, 2003
Always rushed, often late, never really satisfied? Maybe it’s time to stop and take stock.

Simplify Your Life, Homemaker’s, 2002
As we race from one activity to another, always rushed, often late, and never really satisfied, maybe it's time to stop, take stock - and smell the roses.

Love and Money, Saturday Night, 2001
How couples manage their money and what it says about their relationship.

Trudeau - The Final Years, Maclean's Commemorative Edition, 2000
Unlike most politicians who pine for the spotlight that accompanies power, Trudeau was genuinely pleased to have his privacy and freedom restored.